Allan Carnevale is an audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist/songwriter. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela and currently lives in Miami, Florida.

Live at Nuevas Bandas 2010


Allan began classical guitar lesson at age 8, and immediately fell in love with music. In his teens, he began experimenting with all sorts of genres being Rock/Metal the most predominant.

Throughout high school, Allan participated in several bands, including “Gnosis”, his first serious project. He performed with them as a lead guitarist and experienced the recording environment for the first time. Later on, in Allan’s first year in college, the band “Agonia” contacted him to become the new guitarist alongside Samuel Sanchez. With Agonia, Allan played in the biggest music festivals in Venezuela including Festival Nuevas Bandas (2009 and 2010), as well as serving as opening act for international bands such as Korn and Dark Tranquillity. In addition to performing with the band, he recorded and produced several EP’s and a full length album entitled, “Unleash the Truth”.

Playing with “Agonia” as well as his passion for films, storytelling and interactive media changed his mind causing him to switch careers and become an Audio Engineer instead. Soon after in 2011 he moved to Miami, Florida to study Audio Production at the Miami International University of Art & Design. He is currently enrolled in the university graduating with honors.

Live at Nuevas Bandas 2009


Since then, Allan has been involved in many film and music productions from both Venezuela and United States featuring artists such as: Gabriel Garcia (Black Tide’s singer), Symphony Howlet (American Idol contestant), Leonardo Quintero and his Trio, Chris Crane, Gualo, Pablo Dazan, Rick Moon, among others.

Currently, Allan works with many music genres and films specializing in the area of mixing and re-recording mixing.